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GME XRS™ 370 Connect 4WD Pack

GME XRS™ 370 Connect 4WD Pack

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GME XRS™ 370 Connect 4WD Pack

The XRS™ Connect 4WD Pack pairs the top-of-the-line XRS-370C Compact UHF CB Radio, with the Heavy Duty AE4704B radome antenna, the perfect solution for those users looking for the ultimate communications setup for their hardcore 4WD.

XRS™ Connect is a new Australian Made radio platform designed to be smart, adaptable and rugged.

Featuring a professional grade speaker microphone complete with a class-leading 2-watt speaker, customisable buttons and a high contrast OLED screen guaranteeing a crystal clear, anti-glare display.

Enabled by Bluetooth® wireless technology, XRS™ Connect is the first of a new generation of connected UHF CB radios with unique features never seen before. They are the first-ever UHF CB radios with App control, introducing new features such as creating and sharing scan lists and providing instant access to the entire Australian and New Zealand registered analog frequency database.

As with many other smart devices, XRS™ Connect products are software upgradable via the apps, keeping users up-to-date with the latest features and technology.

GME is committed to releasing a minimum of one new upgrade for XRS™ Connect per year to ensure our users always have access to the latest technology available.

This Kit Includes the following components:

  • Compact UHF CB Radio (XRS-370C)
  • Professional-Grade Speaker Microphone (MC664B)
  • Heavy Duty UHF CB Radome Antenna (AE4704B)
  • Heavy Duty UHF CB Radome Whip (AW4705B4P)
  • 12V DC power Lead
  • Mic Extension Lead (LE040)
  • Mic Extension Adaptor Kit (AD008)
  • Quick Start Guide
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